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The top row from left to right shows first the Personal Arms of Munro of Foulis, Chief of Clan Munro and can only be used by our Chief, Hector Munro of Foulis. The second image is the Clansman’s badge and is the one that we as members of the Clan Munro can wear - it is common for all Munros. The badge on the banner of our Association newsletters is for the Clan in Australia. The third image is the Clan Munro Association badge.

Many of us are proud to hang on our wall, wooden shields with our badge and tartan which are available in heraldry shops or on the web. Unfortunately these shields very often wrongly show our Chief’s personal arms or, in fact, the personal arms of other Munros and we as members of the Clan are not entitled to display any of these as our Munro crest. If someone tries to sell you one of these as your clan crest, please tell them how wrong they are.

The common clansman’s badge consisting of the eagle you can see on the top of his Chief's helmet within a strap & buckle is what we should be proud to use as our crest. No other part of the coat of arms can be reproduced without our Chief’s authority. If you would like to display the Chief’s personal arms then it should only be shown with a note to say that it is “the Personal Arms of Munro of Foulis, Chief of Clan Munro".

Tartans made with modern chemical dyes have much brighter colours than those made using traditional vegetable dyes which have softer colours and both are approved by the Clan.

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