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Alexander was something of an inventor, and in the late 1860s he became one of the first people in Scotland to manufacture the Parisian bicycle, known as the velocipede or "boneshaker". At one stage he had about 30 employees making velocipedes at his Broughton Market site, selling them in Scotland and overseas. Alexander also ran a "training school" in the art of driving the Parisian bicycle.

Young James Angus Munro grew up in this environment of coach and bicycle building. He and his cousins became expert trick cyclists and racers from a young age, occasionally performing at local music halls and theatres. No doubt his knowledge of these early modes of transport fuelled his later interest in motor vehicles.

Remembering Jas. A. Munro & Co.

In 1973, the Victorian Government commissioned artist Harold Freedman to paint a huge mural on the wall of Melbourne's Spencer St Station (now Southern Cross Station). It depicts 100 years of transport in Melbourne from 1835 to 1935. Included amongst the vehicles is a car with Jas. A. Munro painted on the side. This mural has now been somewhat overlaid by factory outlet shops at the station, but can be found at the back of a shop called T-K-Max. A Melbourne-based vintage car enthusiast is currently conducting further research into the history of Jas. A. Munro & Co. with a view to ultimately writing a book about his significant contribution to the development of the motor car in Melbourne.

For further information about the development of the James Angus Munro site go to www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Munro

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Ancestor James Angus Munro

Alexander Munro' nephew and grandsons performing cycling trickss on a velocipede about 1868. Source Barbara Neill UK.

A Boneshaker